Workshops science communication

real life en/of online (Zoom, Blackboard Colleborate)


Popular scientific writing

1 or 2 days

Write in 9 steps a popularised text about your research: an opinion article, press release, blog, article, report or policy advice for non-peers.

I am giving or have given this workshop at UGhent, UHasselt, Antwerp University, VUB, ULiège, KU Leuven and the summer school science communication of all Flemish universities.


How to survive an interview with a journalist as a researcher

1 day

Discover what media want and practice how to give an interview.

This mediatraining forms part of the doctoral training program at Ghent University, VUB and Antwerp University and is given at the summer school science communication of all Flemish universities.


Write a non-academic cv & cover letter

half a day

Convince a non-academic employer that you are not overspecialized and indeed ready for the real world. Make your cv and cover letter stand out from all the other candidates’ in a positive way.

This training forms part of the doctoral training program at Antwerp University.


Popular scientific presentations / Confidence on stage

half a day or 1 day

Practice how to present your research with starting from an intriguing key message adjusted to 'the public at large'.

I have given this presentation workshop at VIB and KU Leuven.


Writing about animal research

half a day

Test on a panel how the audiance at large reacts to your words and thus write without losing time the obliged Non-Technical Summary (NTS).

I gave this workshop at Ghent University, VUB, KU Leuven, Antwerp University and Janssen Pharmaceutica.

What participants and clients say

Maureen Sibomana

Project manager for TRANSUNIV at UNamur

Impressed at how interactive, engaging and fun it was

I was very impressed at how interactive, engaging and fun the online training was ! The 15 PhD students that participated were all extremely happy even though it was online. They finished the day with great tools and a new network of colleagues from all backgrounds.

10 days before the training, we realized that an in-person training would no longer be possible since participants were coming from the North of France, Flanders and Wallonia. Ann was very flexible (a true fish that grows feet) and accepted to organize the training online, with no extra cost.

Tristan Caballero

PhD candidate UMons

Workshop completely alive online

Ann was an amazing trainer for the workshop she organized for PhD students on intercultural communication! In such a moment, with the sanitary crisis, she achieved to still make the workshop completely alive, even through digital channels.

Not only she passed the message on intercultural communication, but she also made the workshop so interactive! I would surely recommend Ann as a trainer on these issues!

Jeroen De Gussem

PhD Student, UGhent

Wonderful mentor, Interactive online class

Ann is a wonderful mentor and writing coach who walks every step along the way with you. She wants to understand the material you're working, acquaint herself with the audience you're trying to reach and helps to finetune your communication. This results in a cohesive and alluring text that brings the point home without superfluous baggage. All of this she achieved in an interactive online class.

Zorana Rosić

Zorana Rosić Teaching assistant at the Faculty of law, Maître de conférence chez Haute École Albert Jacquard (HEAJ), PhD researcher

Well-constructed, well-timed, practical and interactive online course

Ann introduced me to interculturalism through an online course. Reluctant at first when it comes to interactivity of online courses, Ann was able to swipe all my worries with a well constructed, well- timed, practical and, above all, interactive course!

It was a perfect lesson and in my opinion indispensable formation for all PhD students and more! I can only strongly recommend you to follow Ann and give her the opportunity to do what she does best :)

Thank you Ann once again for the terrific online class!

Iain Watt - Head of Policy Department

European Parliament

Helped with managing change

Ann worked with my Unit to develop our understanding and application of the latest thinking on science communications. Our Unit prepares, with external experts, research as policy advice for five Committees of the European Parliament. We wanted to increase the utility of our research reports and our impact, and to learn how science communications is approached elsewhere. And this had to be done in the context of a more or less fun away day!

Ann succeeded very well indeed. By careful preparation with us, with individual staff and with some of our clients, she very nicely confronted us with challenges, but also ways through.

It was very enjoyable, stimulating, and helped with managing change in the Unit. Ann was a pleasure to work with throughout.

Lien Provez

PHD Student Biomedical Sciences Ghent University

Online workshop was structured and interactive

I feel like Ann's workshop together with her book "Schrijven met impact" really gave me a good base to start writing about my research to non-scientists. Although the workshop only took two days and some additional "homework", she took her time to give personal feedback.

Due to the current Covid-19 measures, the workshop went on via Zoom. Ann gave us clear instructions about this new way of working which made sure the workshop was structured and interactive.”

Toon Cox

Researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and King's College London (KCL)

One of the best workshops I have ever attended

I attended Ann's workshop on dealing with the press. It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended as she offered both theory and practice. She has given men hands-on / ready to use ideas to properly disseminate my research. She also taught me to recognise potential pitfalls in press communication.

Yuwen Gu

Phd student VUB, Research on Better Sino-EU relations and Chinese national image, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Very passionate teacher

Ann is a very passionate teacher. Her courses are always both interesting, interactive and thought-provoking. Her explanations towards questions are always detailed and well-organized.

Pieter Willemen - PhD Student

Ghent University

Powerful tips and tricks

I followed a course given by Ann, titled 'Meet people, not cultures', which touched various aspects of Intercultural Communication.

Ann was able to convey some short and powerful tips and tricks in a refreshing way. She was also able to adapt herself and the course content to our specific questions. In summary, everyone's expectations were satisfied at the end of the day.

Katleen Hermans - Prof. Exotic Mammals and Lab Animals

Ghent University

Highly appreciated for contents, interactivity and practicality

Ann has given a training "Writing non-technical summaries" to young scientists in our university. The workshop was highly appreciated by the students, for its contents, its interactivity and its practicality.

Jack McMartin - Science communicator

KU Leuven

Wealth of experience and sharp journalistic instincts

I followed Ann's day-long workshop, 'Writing for Non-peers and Press', at the Let's Talk Science Summer School at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in July 2014.

Ann did a good job tailoring the workshop to the needs and interests of our group of 15 or so early-career researchers. She was attentive to our varied goals and skill levels and tailored her workshop and feedback accordingly.

As the only 'professional' science communicator in the group, I feared I wouldn't learn much, but I found the practical writing exercises and group discussions to be surprisingly helpful. Ann and I (and eventually the whole group) even worked through a particularly hairy press release of mine that needed to go that day.

Which brings me to another of Ann's strengths: apart from her ability to teach the basics of science communication, she has a wealth of experience as a former science journalist.

Her journalistic instincts are sharp (and were much appreciated), which indicates that she is both a capable instructor for beginners and a valuable media consultant for more advanced communication professionals.

Goldi Tewari - Doctoral researcher at Center for Persuasive Communication, Department of Communication Sciences

UGent, Belgium

Unique and appealing

I met Ann in a course called 'Internationalisation: meeting people not culture', where she was the instructor.

She had a unique and appealing way of addressing the one day course. Her nice presentation and persuasion skills made the course a success.

All the best to her for her future endeavours!

Nixon Ronoh - Lecturer


Eye opener

Ann took us through an intercultural communication workshop which was very beneficial to us as international students in Belgium, Brussels.

The workshop was an eye opener, especially on the tendency to associate cultural assumptions with certain groups of individuals, which could hinder effective communication.

She is very proficient in bringing out the positive impact of learning to approach the different and unique socio-cultures, and in effect the enhancement of adaptive and effective communication strategy.

I would therefore recommend her on all topical issues that deal with effective communication, and especially on the inter- and socio-cultural platform.