"I feel good when I can link
disciplines, opinions, people".

This is me: Ann De Ron, trainer since 2004.

With FishGrowFeet I work at the crossroad of my experiences and interests.

  • 10 years journalist and science journalist
  • 5 years coordinator in social profit
  • Master Molecular Biology + Bachelor Intercultural Management

  • FOR
  • universities and research organisations
  • social profit, ngo's, government
  • independants

  • ON
  • science communication
  • writing
  • communication plan
  • intercultural communication
  • As a journalist I worked for the international press agency Inter Press Service, the newspaper De Morgen, New Scientist in Dutch, Knack magazine, MO* magazine, India Today Group, ...


    But fish don't need feet.

    Right on. And still... every now and then a fish with feet can be interesting.

    Long ago, suddenly some fish did grow limbs, crawled ashore and gradually evolved into land animals. These weird fish became the evolutionary link between fish and land animals.

    I am that kind of weird fish.

    I feel good when I can link between disciplines, views, people.

    Ánd when I can do that for organisations whose mission I believe in.

    In the words of a workshop participant:

    Combines best of both worlds: science & journalism

    Very strong instructor! Combines best of both worlds: science & journalism. Very well prepared and knows what she is talking about!

    PhD student UHasselt

    FishGrowFeet is proud to have worked for